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Yankee Doodles Net Independence Day

    Other National/Patriotic Days
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    Armed Forces Day - Third Saturday in May. This is a celebration to honor the men and women who serve in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. Parades, air shows and tours of ships and submarines.

    Aviation Day - August 19.

    Bill of Rights Day - December 15. This is the anniversary of the day the US irst made a bill of rights part of the national constitution. On this day flags flying on government buildings, schools.

    Citizenship Day - September 17. This is a day set aside to honor new citizens.

    Columbus Day - Second Monday in October. This day is to honor Christoper Columbus.

    Constitution Day - September 17.

    Election Day - First Tuesday in November.

    Flag Day - June 14.

    Labor Day - First Monday in September. This is a day to celebrate work and how important it is in society.

    Memorial Day - Last Monday in May. This is a day of rememberance of those who have been killed in war.

    Pearl Harbor Day - December 7.

    Presidents Day - Third Monday in February.

    Veterans Day - November 11. Is held to honor veterans around the world.

    Australia Day - January 26. This day is held to commemorate the foundation of the first British colony.

    Anzac Day - is a day of rememberance in New Zealand and Australia. People gather at war memorials and hold services to honor their dead.

    Republic Day, India - January 26.

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