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    Other National/Patriotic Days
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    Sri Lankan National Day - February 4. This is to celebrate the day when the country of Ceylon gained independence from British rule.

    Japanese National Day - 11th February is a day of celebration of the founding of the Japanese nation by its first emperor.

    Dutch National Day - May 5. tsi day commemorateswhen the Netherlands was freed from German occupation.

    Italain National Day - June 2. Tis is the day the italians voted to become a republic.

    Dominion Day - July1. The day on which the four provinces in Canada formed themselves into the Dominion o Canada.

    Turkish Republic Day - October 29. This is the day on which the turkish republic was officially declared.

    USSR National Day - November 7. This is the day they celebrate the end of the Russian monarchy and established the Soviet state.

    Indonesian National Day - August 17. Indonesia declared independence from Dutch rule.

    National Day, Switzerland - August 1.

    National Day, Bolivia - August 6.

    National Day, Indonesia - August 17.

    National Day, Brazil - September 7.

    National Day, Mexico - September 16.

    National Day, Botswana - September 30.

    National Day, China- October 1.

    National Day, Uganda - October 9.

    National Day, Spain - October 12.

    United Nations Day - October 24.

    National Day,Austria - October 26.

    National Day, Finland - December 6.

    National Day, Tanzania - December 9.

    National Day, Kenya - December 12.

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