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    Patriotic Quotes/Quotations Page 5

    Your honour calls you hence...
    And all the gods go with you! Upon your sword
    Sit laurel victory.
    Antony and Cleopatra I,3
    - William Shakespeare

    Away, boy, from the troops, and save thyself;
    For friends kill friends, and the disorder's such
    As war were hoodwink'd.
    Cymbeline V,2
    - William Shakespeare

    Great the slaughter is
    Here made by the Romans; great the answer be
    Britons must take.
    Cymbeline V, 3
    - William Shakespeare

    Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
    With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
    Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
    Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war.
    Julius Caesar III, 1
    - William Shakespeare

    Now for the bare-picked bone of majesty
    Doth dogged war bristle his angry crest.
    King John IV, 3
    William Shakespeare

    We must have bloody noses and crackled crowns,
    And make them current too.
    1 Henry IV II, 3
    - William Shakespeare

    Sound all the lofty instruments of war,
    And by that music let us all embrace;
    For, heaven to earth, some of us never shall
    A second time do such a courtesy.
    1 Henry IV V, 2
    - William Shakespeare

    They come like sacrifices in their trim,
    And to the fire-eyed maid of smoky war
    All hot and bleeding will we offer them.
    1 Henry IV IV, 1
    - William Shakespeare

    From camp to camp through the foul womb of night
    The hum of either army stilly sounds.
    Henry V Prologue IV
    - William Shakespeare

    When the blast of war blows in our ears
    Then imitate the action of the tiger,
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with ill-favour'd rage.
    Henry V III, 1
    - William Shakespeare

    O God of battles! steel my soldiers' hearts.
    Henry V IV, 1
    - William Shakespeare

    "I was out in the combat engineers. We would throw up bridges in advance of the infantry but mainly we would just throw up."
    - Mel Brooks - Newsweek, February 17, 1975

    "I found out why war is he - army authority is absolute. You are defended and judged by the same kind of people who accuse and prosecute you."
    - Michael Caine - Playboy, 1996

    "In many movies, including Platoon, war looks like fun. In reality, a dead body is cheap and I wanted to rub that in the audience's face."
    - Patrick Duncan director of 84 Charlie Mopic - film yearbook, 1990

    "When I got back from the war in 1945, I refused to make war pictures."
    - James Stewart - Time, June 29 1970

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