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Yankee Doodles Net Independence Day

    Independence Day Around the World
    Central American Independence Day

    In the month of September Central America celebrates its independence from Spain.

    The 15th of September 1821 Central America's provinces proclaimed independence from the Spanish crown.

    In Nicaragua they began to celebrate in the late 20th century. The 14th of 1856 produced the battle of San Jacinto, when the Nicaraguans earned a military victory against the North American filibusters headed by William Walker.

    The celebrations are in charge of the Ministry of Education. The Central American ambassadors, diplomatic corps, ministers and winners in the allusive contests upon theme of the fatherland are invited to the central proceedings. Hundreds of students from various schools join in the celebrations. Many students wait for these parties to use their uniform for the first time of the year. Students, from the poor to the rich, show in the parades the new uniform with shining black shoes.

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