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    Yankee Doodle Biography

    It is believed that Yankee Doodle was born on the fourth of July in what year is not known and it is aso said that he was seen at the revolutionary war camp.

    Though Mr. Doodle is believed to have lived before the first census was taken in 1790, there is evidence that he is related to Uncle Sam, a well known fundraiser and philanthropist.

    His trade is less clear. He might have been a dancer, or possibly a pony trainer, but it is certain he was not a chef. Apparently, his tastes in food were so poorly developed that he was unable to tell chicken from pasta.

    Mr. Doodle apparently ran around with a lot of different acquaintances, but was loyal to just one lady.

    Doodle may have been short in stature and boyish in appearance. When he came to town, he chose to ride a pony rather than a horse.

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