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Yankee Doodles Net Independence Day

    Independence Day Around the World
    Belizeans Independence Day

    The month of September is very important on the social calendar for Belizeans.

    The Battle of St. Georges Caye, this event is celebrated on 10th September and is a National day.

    Belize was granted Independence from the United Kingdom on 21st September.

    Many cultural events lead up to the 10th, including the Queen of the Bay pageant, and Carnival.

    The Queen of the Bay is the more traditional of the country's beauty pageants. The Queen reigns over the September celebrations and is expected to represent the country in many international events. She is certainly expected to be part of Carnival.

    A few days later big dances and parties are held on the 20th September, to bring in Independence.

    The day itself will begin with the formal ceremonies at Memorial Park. The Prime Minister, Governor General and leader of the Opposition will say a few words, addressing the Nation and the assembled dignitaries from the Diplomatic Corps.

    Then a parade follows.

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